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lunes, 27 de julio de 2009

Shame, shame, shame,

Colgué el primer vídeo en el famoso Youtube y puse: Santiago Penagos - Shame, shame, shame. A song written by Jimmy Reed, he make the record in 1963, the year I was born. Entonces un alemán, o por lo menos uno que vive allí, me hace el siguiente comentario: "***** I like that version but you should have played that intro from the original song,too.
I like to invite you to my tribute to Jimmy Reed.
I did an animated short film.
I hope you enjoy it like I enjoyed your song here.
I find your singing and the accent very symphatic.
I hope you do more JIMMY REED in the future.
Raudo y veloz le contesto: "You're right, I should have also made the intro, just record it again with an electric guitar by following your advice. My English is very bad, thanks for calling it "symphatic" and thank you for your comment."
A su vez él dice: "Maybe your english is "bad" but not on this song. You are a spanish person singing in english and that is okay if people hear that. It makes no sense to pretend being a black american. It is even refreshing to me because it brings a personal note to your version unlike many american versions who are just emulating the same sound over & over again. After all JIMMY had a very personal note in his music and you could not have mistaken him for somebody else. So it's ok doing the same with your cover."
Entonces cuelgo el tema, ya con la intro, como él sugiere y se lo dedico: "Cuchillo - Shame, shame, shame. A Jimmy Reed song, cover by Cuchillodedicated to 2009framat. I hope you like it, this time with intro. I could do better but I think that's the way of blues also". aquí está:

Para acabar su comentario agradecido: " Great version! Thank you for the dedication. Like Chuck Berry JIMMY REED was able to write very stong songs which fit various styles and singers. You are the proof! It is a art to write such songs. Not many people can do songs which were done by Ray Charles, BB KING or Elvis without looking some kind of pale in comparison to them.
But with Berry & REED it is different (and it is not because they are not as good as the other three I mentioned).
I feel honored."

Bueno, aquí ya lo dejo. Buf, ¡qué calor¡

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